How to become a successful football player

What is the course?

“How to Become a Successful Football Player” is an online course designed by Willian for aspiring and current football players. The course reveals the steps you have to take to reach the top of the world of football.

You will learn tips and tricks from the Chelsea and Brazilian International Footballer and others that will help you on your journey in writing your own story in the beautiful game.

Willian Borges


Module #1

How to Take Care of Your Machine (Body)

You will learn about the three most important pillars in keeping your body ready to perform well in matches. The importance of sleep, training and ability to operate at a high level.

Module #2

Fuel For The Body

This session is about self-control and how you should be eating. Eating properly provides your body with the energy you need to perform at a high level. In addition, you will receive teachings from great professionals that I trust so that you can better understand the science behind how everything works.

Module #3

How to Prepare Your Mind

Learn how I managed to use all the power of mindset and how you can too to reach your goals and aspirations. Your body can handle almost anything, but your mind needs to be trained to have the right discipline and patience not to give up.

Module #4

Mentality of a Top Player

In this module you will discover the mindset that it takes to become a top player. This shows you who should be looking up to and where you should be looking for inspiration. Knowing how to choose the right people to follow and be inspired by, can get you to the top level even faster.

Module #5

You Will Lose. How to Deal with it

You will find out how to deal with frustrations because they will be part of your life. I’ll show you how I dealt and still deal with mine. In addition, you will find out how to have an exemplary behaviour on the pitch, but especially outside of the pitch.

Module #6

How to Strengthen Your Foundation

You will find out how to deal with frustrations because they will be part of your life. I’ll show you how I dealt and still deal with mine. In addition, you will find out how to have an exemplary behaviour on the pitch, but especially outside of the pitch.

Module #7

The Football Academy and its Importance

You will discover the importance of being part of a football academy and creating a community where players help each other as a team. I’ll visit a football school in Chelsea to show it to you.


Bonus #1

(Fred Desimpedidos)

Why Fred didn’t become a footballer

In this bonus with friend you’ll find out the main reasons as to why he didn’t become a footballer. There is a lot of synergy from what Fred says here that has been said throughout the course.

Bonus #2

(Milene Domingues)

How to be a successful women’s player with the queen of kick ups

We talk a little bit about the growth of women’s football in Brasil. Milene will show why football isn’t a sport exclusive to men, and what she did to stand out.

Bonus #3


The importance of futsal with Falcão 5 time best player in the world

In this bonus you will find out what one of the greatest futsal players in history did to win 5 golden balls and what you can do to improve your game. Falcão talks about the importance of futsal in improving your dribbling on the pitch.

Bonus #4

(André Franco)

Techniques to deal with pressure/ controlling your emotional state 

You will learn techniques to deal with pressure in stressful moments and how to have more control of your emotions with one of the best coaches of mental preparation in Brazil.

Bonus #5


How to strike a free kick that is impossible for the keeper to save

I will take you to the pitch with me and I will show you how to position the ball, analysing the keepers position, the wall and how to place the ball wherever you want.

Bonus #6


How to position yourself better than your marker

I am going to show you how to think whenever you’re going to control the ball, anticipating where your marker will be without looking, facilitating your game.

Bonus #7


How to find paths on the pitch

I will share the secrets that I found to create paths on the pitch and how you could do the same to breakdown defences and score more goals.

How strong is your desire to become a top player?

Willian is an attacking player for Chelsea Football Club and a Brazilian international. His career started in Ribeirão Pires in the metropolitan region of São Paulo. He was discovered by Corinthians scouts, which is where he became a professional.

He moved to FC Shakhtar Donetsk where he played from 2007 to 2013, winning many trophies. He had a brief spell at FC Anzhi Makhachkala in 2013 in Russia where he helped the club have one of the best seasons of its history. He then moved to Chelsea Football Club, where he plays till this day. 

Willian also moved up the ranks of the national team, playing for Brazil’s under 17, 18 and 20 sides until being called up for the full squad. His most recent achievement was winning the Copa America in Brasil.

Now, one of his biggest missions, even while still playing, is to give back a little of what football have to him, inspiring and helping young people who want to become successful football players.

“If I did it, even with all the difficulties, even with little money, even having to give up a lot of things, you can too.”

 Willian borges



Rodrigo Faro


Adriane Galisteu

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You can watch the initial lessons and if for whatever reason you feel that it isn’t for you, you may request a full refund within 15 days by emailing info@wvagency.co.uk. No questions asked and no small print.

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How to become a successful football player 

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Yes, the videos are in Portuguese, but everything has English subtitles


In the first part of the course you will find out how to get the most out of your body. And you will also learn the three pillars to keep him always ready to make great presentations. Then you will find out how your mind is primarily responsible for your success in football and how to use it to achieve it. In the third part I’ll tell you about your behavior and how it can lead you to success as well as destroy your dream of being a great football player. In addition, there will be several professionals who were responsible for my training and helped me get to where I am today and explaining what you have to do to achieve the same. In addition, there are special football guests and many bonuses.


Yes, the course is based on the Body – Mind – Behavior tripod. This has to be present from the base to the professionals…


Yes, everything that will be taught in the course is for both men and women. Football is a sport for everyone and all content will be applicable to all people regardless of gender.


No, the course is completely online with all modules recorded. When you register you will receive a login and password to access the student area and all content will be available there.

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